HRM & Payroll Software

Project Description

Meet greytHR India’s No.1 HR & Payroll Software.

We have partnered with India’s 1st ever fully integrated cloud-based HR & Payroll software “greytHR”. greytHR, A cutting-edge payroll software, thats cuts your work in half and up to 5 hours of time lost to manual HR tasks.

Core HR

Simplify essential HR process, for effortless operation.

1. Capture all employee data
2. Manage lifecycle activities
3. Track employee assets
4. Collect update KYC Information


Faster Payrolls. Timely Payouts.

1. Process payroll with a single click
2. Use guided payroll processing with checklist
3. Compute accurate salaries automatically
4. Use extensive reconciliation tools

Leave Management

Employee leave management now made efficient, effective and effortless.

1. Create multiple leave types
2. Customize configure leave policies
3. Access library of standard policies

Attendance Management

Attendance Automation At Its Best

1. Record real-time attendance
2. Capture attendance from the ESS portal
3. Capture attendance from third-party hardware

Employee Self Service

Empowered & engaged employees

1. View your personal information, such as payslips, personal details, etc.
2. View your official documents and letters.
3. View company policies and forms.
4. Leverage the power of social networking
5. Search for and view employees -Search for and view any employee-related information via the employee directory.

Mobile App

Through mobile apps capture data in real time. With or without Hardware.

1. Payroll related information.
2. Complite leave management.
3. Geo Mark Attendance Marking.
4. Help Desk – Access  help desk on your mobile.